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This site is part of the SELinux for Distributions project. The project is hosted at SourceForge. The project summary page is at http://sf.net/projects/selinux.

The overarching goals of this project are to

Specifically, we plan to

About SELinux

SELinux was created by the National Security Agency as an example of how mandatory access controls that can confine the actions of any process, including a superuser process, can be added into Linux. The focus of that work has not been on system assurance or other security features such as security auditing, although these elements are also important for a secure system.

The security mechanisms implemented in the system provide flexible support for a wide range of security policies. They make it possible to configure the system to meet a wide range of security requirements. The release includes a general-purpose security policy configuration designed to meet a number of security objectives as an example of how this may be done. The flexibility of the system allows the policy to be modified and extended to customize the security policy as required for any given installation.

Although NSA affiliates participate in some aspects of this project to pursue NSA SELinux research goals, the project and its products are not endorsed or evaluated by NSA. The software available from this project is subject to the same legal disclaimers as the original NSA SELinux prototype. Although NSA affiliates may have participated in this project and undertaken or suggested some project work, this project is not sponsored by NSA and nothing here constitutes a request for proposal or a commitment by the National Security Agency to anyone for the procurement of equipment, services, or any obligation. The National Security Agency reserves the right to not pursue this project or any task in this project, and to discontinue, at any time, participation in the project or work in progress by any of its employees and contractors.